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Research & Development

Our R&D division is recognized by the Department of Science & Technology and has the much revered DSIR recognition. We employ biotechnology and plant based technology to come up with products that can work as replacements to chemicals and are just as effective. The company collaborates with various government and private institutions to adopt new technologies. Some of the breakthroughs achieved in our R&D lab are as follows:

  • Received funding from Department of Biotechnology in Sept’2016 to develop the technology for producing Entomopathogenicnemotodes (EPN) at a large scale. The technology for lab scale production was bought from NBAIR.
  • The R&D has come up with treatment for Textile effluent for the reduction of 
color, odor, COD and BOD with 89.2% success rate.
  • Developed biological adjuvants to help increase efficiency of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.
  • We have developed an innovative production methodology for Erythritolfrom agricultural waste (as a step towards Bio-conservation) using Genetically engineered Candida magnolia.
  • Production of Yeast - Single Cell Protein (SCP) as dietary supplement in Aqua and Poultry farms.
  • Decomposing consortium production for detoxification of Aqua and 
Treatment of fecal matter in Poultry.
  • Developed the invitro technology for tissue culture of sugarcane plants, 
which is yet to be patented.